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සුරංගනා කතාවක් : A Journey of a Prince – Part 3

සුරංගනා කතාවක් : A Journey of a Prince – Part 1
සුරංගනා කතාවක් : A Journey of a Prince – Part 2

Then, one day he met a familiar face that he had not seen for so long. It was one of his cousin brothers.

Both were happy to see each other and shared their stories over a hot meal. The princes’ cousin brother felt sad learning of what happened to the prince. So he said that he will help the prince.

This cousin brother of the prince, who is a prince himself and who also happened to be a Knight knew where the entrance of the narrow winding path lay. And he also knew that without proper preparation our prince would never make it to the top.

So he said to the prince…

“Dear brother. I know of the entrance you seek. But be warned! The journey is hard and unforgiving. You will find obstacles at every step. That is why you need to prepare before you start.”

The prince agreed and started collecting things that he would need in the journey. Amongst them were a sword, a bow, a quiver full of arrows, a lightweight shield, some food and some water. When all this was set the cousin brother took the prince to the foot of a mountain where the entrance was.

At the entrance he said…

“This is as far as I can accompany you. From this point onward you are on your own. Be brave brother. Have faith in yourself and remember; as long as you don’t give up you cannot be defeated. And good luck!”

So they said good bye to each other in front of the entrance near the foot of the mountain and the prince started his solitude ascend along the narrow winding path.

It was hard. The unforgiving sun scorched him in the day. The chill of the night bore through his skin deep into his bones. Rain made the path slippery. Whenever he slipped he most certainly landed on one of those thorny bushes. And the loneliness… It was unbearable.

Yet he moved on and on. Every time he fell, he got up, gritting his teeth. And sometimes when things felt too much for him he yelled out to the barren landscape that surrounded him.


Day by day the peak of the mountain drew nearer and nearer. Then one day… he was at the top. Finally he was there. At Summit!

He was a Knight now. And he was every inch fit for his title.

He easily pulled out the dagger that was wedged in his heart and was causing him so much pain for all this time; and threw it away permitting the wound that it had caused to heal. However it left behind a scar on the princes’ heart.  A scar that’ll always remind him of the wound that was once there.

The first thing the prince did after becoming a Knight was to go and see his cousin brother who had helped him so much in a time that he really needed it. In a time that people who called themselves ‘friends’ had abandoned him.

Our prince was away for some times. So certain things were changed in his absence. The cousin brother of the prince was now a King who had his own kingdom. He welcomed our prince warmly to his castle and treated him with best of hospitality that he could offer.

The prince thanked the cousin brother for his kindness and generosity; and for helping him when all help seemed far far away.

And then he went home. As a prince who had restored his honor. And someone slightly more than an ordinary Knight; as for his journey had taught its own lessons. He felt strong and capable than ever before and above all he felt a sense of inner peace that he had not felt for quite some time.

On his way back home he met many. Many who cheered and later who jeered at him. And now they were cheering again.

At the sight of them the prince looked at his heart; took a long look at the scar that was on its surface; and then he looked back at them and smiled.

He knew exactly who they were…

~The End~


To kind hearts that understands the true meaning of helping…


To princes and princesses out there who simply refuses to vanish in to the darkness…

From Concept Art


  1. Nice story with very good meaning... :)

  2. Great... Someday it should be published the comeplete episode

    1. Thanks...

      Er... I don't know. May be... someday... Thing is that I don't honestly think that this is of publishable quality. :)

  3. A wonderful story... your story brought in memories of our childhood, where we read stories about kings and knights. nice work bro..keep it up!

    And yeah I too feel that you should publish it someday :)

    1. Thanks Chams.

      I really enjoyed writing this story and watching it being read in cyber space. For me that is as good as it was published :)


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